Clifford William: 15 Month Update

[The cutest Bedhead imaginable] Our little man turned 15 months on the 20th and I can't believe we are just a few months away from being halfway through his second year. I am so not ready for this kid to be 2. Seriously. Anyways, that concludes my super annoying "where is the time going?" moment. … Continue reading Clifford William: 15 Month Update


This Week

Happy Friday! Below is a little recap of this week!   On Motherhood: My little daredevil is on fire lately. There has been one other time I've been this anxious as a mother thus far and it was when Clifford was a newborn and I was beyond paranoid about SIDS. Lately, Cliffy is trying to … Continue reading This Week

Runway to Realway: Fall/Winter 2018

Just because you can't afford a single item, doesn't mean you shouldn't be keeping up on Fashion Week! There's something so thrilling about taking a high-fashion, couture look straight from the runway and incorporating it into everyday life. With all of the affordable, fast-fashion options available today, this has never been easier! Not only is … Continue reading Runway to Realway: Fall/Winter 2018