Let’s Talk Miscarriage

{My positive test from 5 weeks ago} Last week I had my second miscarriage (my first was 3 months before I got pregnant with Clifford) and I wanted to write a post on this because I've been noticing a lot of people opening up about their miscarriages in recent years. The funny thing is, it … Continue reading Let’s Talk Miscarriage


Clifford William: 16 & 17 Month Updates

[17 months old & chillin'] [16 months old & terrified of Santa] 16 Months The Good: Clifford has officially gone down to one nap! I'm so thrilled with this. I was struggling to get him to take his afternoon nap and he was starting to go down for his first nap later and later in … Continue reading Clifford William: 16 & 17 Month Updates

A Day in the Life of Clifford William

I am always curious what other one-year-old's schedules are. What time they wake up, nap, what they eat and when, and what activities they have organized throughout the day, so I thought I'd do a post about Clifford's daily routine. It can vary slightly, but for the most part, this is Clifford's average day. 6:30-7:00 … Continue reading A Day in the Life of Clifford William