My Relationship with Fitness + Workout Gear I’m Obsessed With


{Getting my sweat on in my home gym}

Fitness has always been imperative and regular in my life, but when it comes to what I actually do, my commitment is much more erratic. I can almost categorize my life by the fitness I was into at the time. In High School I was very into running and was running 6 or so miles several times a week at one point. It was also my first gym membership experience and I absolutely loved all the options available. In college I still loved the gym, but I added in spin classes and became really passionate about them, never missing a class. In my early twenties, I dropped the gym membership and started going to independent workout studios instead. I took up pilates and hot yoga (which I miss desperately!). I did continue biking, however, and even completed my first long-distance ride in a local cycling event. Now that I’m a mom, it’s harder to make it out of the house for exercise, so I’m all about my stationary bike and especially fitness apps. To get back in shape after I had my son I loved the Kayla Itsines BBG app. My abs were even better than before my pregnancy! Now, I’ve moved on to the Tone it Up app and I like that one a lot better. I also have had moments where I wasn’t interested in anything hardcore fitness and preferred daily walks or even just dancing around the living room with my son to get my heart rate up. Next, who knows?? But I can’t wait to continue trying new ways to get my workout in!

Now onto one of my fitness motivations: CUTE. GEAR. If you are ever in a workout slump and find yourself struggling to get moving, find yourself some cute new leggings and I promise you will look forward to your next sweat sesh. Below are some of my favorite workout looks as of late.


Salar Printed PowerHold® Legging - palisade

Fabletics Leggings


Active Contrast-Trim Windbreaker

Forever 21 Windbreaker


Active Heathered Key Pocket Leggings

Forever 21 Leggings



Nike Sneakers


Women's Moto Side Zip Sweatshirt - JoyLab™ - image 1 of 3

JoyLab Sweatshirt


Low Impact - Floral Crisscross Longline Sports Bra

Forever 21 Bra


Active Cutout Tie-Hem Tank Top

Forever 21 Tank Top


Women's Seamless Sports Bra - JoyLab™ - image 1 of 2

Joy Lab Bra


Women's High-Rise 3/4 Length Seamless Leggings - JoyLab™ - image 1 of 2

Joy Lab Leggings



Adidas Sneakers


Sculptknit High-Waisted Statement Capri - persimmon

Fabletics Leggings


Sarah Sculptknit L/S Top - persimmon

Fabletics Top


Active Striped-Trim Leggings

Forever 21 Leggings


Low Impact - Longline Crisscross Sports Bra

Forever 21 Bra


Active Star Graphic Joggers

Forever 21 Sweats


Active Hooded Star Graphic Jacket

Forever 21 Sweatshirt


Sculptknit Mid-Rise Mesh 7/8 - shadow

Fabletics Leggings



Puma Sneakers


Active Open-Back Top

Forever 21 Top


Low Impact - Crisscross-Back Sports Bra

Forever 21 Bra


Active Mesh Pocket Leggings

Forever 21 Leggings


Active Knit Jacket

Forever 21 Jacket


Seamless Mid-Rise Jacquard 7/8 - iron butterfly

Fabletics Leggings


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