Clifford William: 16 & 17 Month Updates


[17 months old & chillin’]


[16 months old & terrified of Santa]

16 Months

The Good:

  • Clifford has officially gone down to one nap! I’m so thrilled with this. I was struggling to get him to take his afternoon nap and he was starting to go down for his first nap later and later in the morning, so the doctor agreed it was time to cut out nap no.2! Not only is he just happier and more energetic getting one long 3-hour midday nap, but it’s so much easier to schedule our day around one rather than 2.
  • I don’t think Clifford has ever been this playful. My favorite is when he plays with Nate. He loves to run to the hallway leading to the bedrooms, stop, and look back over his shoulder with the most excitable little grin, like “Are you going to chase me, daddy???”. It’s the cutest thing ever.


The Bad:

  • We’ve been concerned with the number of words that he says. He’s obsessed with “dog” down and he’s an expert on animal sounds. But as far as other words, he’s been known to repeat words like “hot”, “night night”, “bye bye”, and “hi” once or a handful of times, but not frequently at all. It’s just been a struggle to get him talking. he babbles a lot and none of it really sounds like an attempt at any specific word. The pediatrician says he isn’t concerned though and Clifford has months to go until a speech pathologist should be seen, so that’s very comforting. The good news is he understands everything. He follows commands and can point to correct objects when prompted, so I guess he’s just “a thinker”, as the doctor put it.
  • Other than the lack of words, there really isn’t any other bad things this month! It’d be nice if he was a little nicer to the dog…


17 Months

The Good:

  • Now that Cliff is down to one midday nap, we can finally attend the morning baby/toddler classes at our library. So far we’ve gone to rhyme time and toddler move and groove and I love them both. It’s such a great way to get out of the house in the winter and burn some energy and socialize.
  • He’s saying more words! He can say “hockey”, “shoes”, “owie”, and probably more but those are the big ones that come to mind right now. He makes more sounds than before too, so more words are definitely around the corner.


The Bad:

  • He has tons of teeth coming in and it makes him a little crab cake sometimes. He isn’t sleeping great and he can be a little monster when his gums hurt. Poor baby!!
  • Flu/Cold season is the worst. I hate places with too many people right now because I don’t want Clifford to catch anything.


Things I’m Thinking About:

  • Less screen time. Clifford has become very aware that the phone and TV have bright, loud, fast moving, colorful things happening on them. I downloaded a baby game app on my phone out of desperation one day and I think that was a bad call. It works like a charm, of course, but it’s almost like any other kind of distraction won’t cut it anymore. It’s not often that he looks at a screen or watching TV, and I know there are worst things I could be doing as a mother, but it’s just at an amount that makes me uncomfortable. I don’t want those things to become a terrible habit and I don’t want him to be on a device when we are out to dinner or other toys to become “boring” because they don’t light up and play music.

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