My New Year Resolutions

[Happy Holidays & Happy New Year from the Tebos]

  1. Read 2 Books a Month: Last year one of my resolutions was to “read more”, which is pretty vague. Overall I definitely followed through, but this year I took it up a notch and created a more concrete goal. Also lumped into this one is my resolve to read a few more parenting books since the toddler years are upon us.
  2. Organize and Edit Photos: I have never considered myself a hoard (I’m ruthless when it comes to getting rid of things), but it occurred to me during my recent iPhone backup that I never edit my photos! I love photography and ever since Clifford entered my life, my photo taking has probably quadrupled. I need a system for editing and organizing all the photos I’m taking. The plan is to delete crappy photos immediately upon taking them. Then every Sunday I’ll go through once again to further edit and then transfer the winners onto my computer. I also plan to print my absolute favorites every few months and put them in an album.
  3. Make More Salads: I used to be the self-proclaimed salad queen, and I still am…when I actually decide to make one. I want to make more salads for lunch and as a side to our nightly family dinner. I’ve been so crazy busy and I’ve been turning to “quick fixes” for lunch all too often. The truth is, if I took just 10 minutes to prep, a salad would be just as quick. I just no longer have the time to cut everything up right before consuming the salad.
  4. Dress Better: This is so ridiculous because I LOVE style and fashion. But I’m a stay at/work from home mom now and it’s way too easy to stay in my sweats until we leave the house and then throw on whatever is easiest to chase around a toddler in. I probably need a few more kid-friendly clothes and shoes to make this goal easier. Lower, block heel shoes and fabrics that can handle food splatters would make putting together outfits a lot easier.

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