Clifford William: 14 Month Update

I wish I was better about these updates! Cliffy is growing so fast, I'm afraid to blink, and I know I'll regret it if I don't start recording more memories. I'm good about filling in the baby book, but it's mostly just filling in all of the "firsts" and there's so much more that happens … Continue reading Clifford William: 14 Month Update


Fall Wardrobe Classics

Without classics, your wardrobe truly has no legs to stand on. Historically, they are not the most exciting pieces to shop for, but they are the foundation of a great outfit and they allow you to get much more mileage out of the more interesting items in your closet. I tend to post about trends … Continue reading Fall Wardrobe Classics

Runway to Realway: Fall/Winter 2018

Just because you can't afford a single item, doesn't mean you shouldn't be keeping up on Fashion Week! There's something so thrilling about taking a high-fashion, couture look straight from the runway and incorporating it into everyday life. With all of the affordable, fast-fashion options available today, this has never been easier! Not only is … Continue reading Runway to Realway: Fall/Winter 2018