Current Favorite Baby Products

Baby's require a lot of stuff, but it might as well be stuff you can get excited about! I just love when I discover a baby toy that Clifford adores or a baby-friendly cleaning product that gets the job done. Below are my favorite mommy and baby products as of late. Classic Baby Books [photo … Continue reading Current Favorite Baby Products


Baby’s Weekend in the Wilderness

I'm a city girl through and through, and because Clifford is growing up in Milwaukee, our little boy is probably going to be a city kid too. We received a very nice invitation to stay at Nate's family friends' cabin in the UP of Michigan so this weekend we spent two nights playing and relaxing … Continue reading Baby’s Weekend in the Wilderness

The Beginning of My Motherhood Journey

{12/19/2016 - My pregnancy test showing I was pregnant with Clifford} I realized I never did a post about where my motherhood journey began and I wanted to share it! Unfortunately, I didn't have an excellent start, but it was at this time that I first experienced the joy, frustration, unconditional love, and complete fear … Continue reading The Beginning of My Motherhood Journey